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Find Care When You Need It at Our Walk-In Clinic

Are you suffering from a sudden illness and don't know where to go? Whenever you have an unexpected illness or injury and don't have any scheduled appointment, the qualified physicians in the Danville, CA, walk-in clinic of Blackhawk Medical Group can help. For more serious illnesses and injuries, We also offer a wide range of services for patients with appointments in our main office.

A walk-in clinic is a clinic that accepts patients on a walk-in basis and without the need for appointments. Inside the walk-in clinic, many healthcare providers from different medical areas can be found. When you first enter the clinic, our providers will take your personal information, and then they will assess your medical problem. The services that we provide at our walk-in clinic in Danville, CA, include the following:

  • Evaluating symptoms of cough, cold, flu, sore throat, and allergies
  • Treating minor physical injuries
  • Providing vaccinations and shots

What are the benefits of walk-in clinics?

Walk-in clinics offer different advantages for patients, making them a desirable option for healthcare seekers. The following are some benefits of these clinics:

  • Walk-in clinics provide urgent care: without having an appointment, you can enter the walk-in clinics whenever you need healthcare, and you will get the desired treatment
  • Walk-in clinics have a minimal waiting time: waiting times in these clinics are significantly less than that of the emergency department. Also, the walk-in clinics have played a significant role in freeing up the emergency department to treat life-threatening cases.
  • Walk-in clinics provide consistent and appropriate care for your acute illness at affordable costs

Contact us

Come and see our primary care physicians at Blackhawk Medical Group's walk-in clinic in Danville, CA. Visit us at any time without an appointment or call (925) 309-2700 for inquiries. You can also call (925) 736-7070 to book an appointment in our main office.