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Time for a Screening Test?

There are a wide variety of screening tests available to address medical issues. Working with your physician on what tests are indicated can greatly contribute to your overall health. The bottom line is that screening for medical problems, especially early on, will help your team of medical professionals prescribe pharmaceuticals, and possible dietary and/or lifestyle changes that can improve your health and life. Blackhawk Medical Group performs important screening tests in Danville, CA, and works with you on interpreting the results.

If you notice any changes in your health that are concerning, consulting with a physician on an appropriate regimen of screening tests can determine if you are facing serious health issues that need to be addressed. Many screening tests can identify medical issues that can be easily treated with medication, like hypertension, high cholesterol, anemia, or some sexually transmitted diseases. Screening can also offer early detection of cancer or auto-immune disorders, which means faster medical intervention leading to a better rate of success for treatment. 

Where Do I Start?

The best way to determine the proper screening tests in Danville, CA, is to develop a relationship with your physician and always mention any changes in sleeping or eating habits, unexpected weight gain or loss, and any changes in how you feel that has been persistent and feels abnormal. Your doctor will begin an assessment that could include blood tests. One of the reasons to see a physician regularly is to develop a baseline for many of the areas measured in a blood test: glucose levels, white and red blood cell information, or cholesterol, to name a few. This allows your physician to see changes in your levels and may indicate when additional screening tests are needed.

Blackhawk Medical Group performs screening tests in Danville, CA, and offers a full range of health services for your family. We offer physical exams through our family medicine practitioners and also provide pediatric services. Our walk-in clinic is here for more urgent matters that need to be addressed before your next routine exam. Call us at (925) 736-7070 to schedule an appointment for an exam or a consultation to determine the need for any possible screening tests.