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FAQs about Children's Nutrition

At Blackhawk Medical Group in Danville, CA, our pediatrics staff receives many inquiries about children's nutrition. Therefore, we are giving you answers to frequently asked questions from our parents and caregivers. Knowledge empowers, and we want families to be informed on good nutrition and how it benefits children and adolescents.

I worry about my child becoming overweight. How can we avoid this problem?

Childhood obesity is a big problem in the US. In fact, the AAP reports that one in three American children are clinically obese. As such, parents must safeguard eating habits at home by:

  • Modeling nutritious food choices (low-fat, high protein, high-fiber)
  • Limiting sugary sodas and snacks
  • Increasing outdoor activity/exercise and restricting screen time

At Blackhawk Medical Group, we carefully track your child's height and weight and other indicators of health, growth, and development through the annual well-child exam.

How much dairy does my child need?

The calcium in dairy products improves bone and dental health, as well as critical physiological function. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) publishes guidelines on the number and size of servings of milk, yogurt, and other calcium-rich foods.

Remember, as your youngster becomes a quickly growing teen, he or she will need more calcium. For those who have milk allergies, offer calcium-fortified OJ, cereals, and supplements as recommended by your Danville pediatrician.

When should my baby start solid foods?

Start offering iron-fortified cereal and pureed meats, vegetables, and fruits at six months. This is when your baby is able to sit in a high chair and likely has a baby tooth or two erupting. Also, breast milk does not have sufficient iron and zinc for babies of this age, says the AAP.

How helpful is water to my growing child?

Yes, hydration is good for oral health and physiological function. So, provide plenty, particularly when your child is very active and when the weather is warm.

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At Blackhawk Medical Group in Danville, CA our professional team includes an on-staff pediatrician, Dr. Denise O'Riordan. She is passionate about your child's health and is available for telehealth appointments: (925) 736-7070.