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What To Know About Immunizations

It’s important to keep your child safe and your child’s pediatrician is here to help ensure that in many ways. One way that you and your child’s pediatrician can work together to keep your child healthy is by making sure your child has the immunizations needed to protect them from certain diseases. You may have questions about immunizations and how they can help your child. Your pediatricians at Blackhawk Medical Group in Danville, CA, can explain what you need to know about immunizations and how they protect your child.

What to Know About Immunizations

Immunizations from your child’s doctors in Danville, CA, start at birth. They will receive their first immunization while still in the hospital. After that, you should expect to visit their doctor several times in the first year especially. Your child’s pediatrician will discuss the immunization schedule with you so that you know when they’ll need their visits and what exactly they’ll be receiving.

Immunizations are designed to help protect your child form certain communicable diseases. It’s important that these immunizations are received so that your child can avoid infection and avoid unnecessary doctor’s visits. This can help protect your child from whatever germs they may run into at school. When they’re up to date on their immunizations, they’re also helping to protect other children and children who aren’t eligible for immunizations.

If your child misses an immunization, it isn’t the end of the world. Your pediatrician can discuss a catch up schedule and can help make sure that they don’t miss any future immunizations that they may need.

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