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The Importance of Regular Physical Exams

When was the last time you saw your doctor for a routine checkup?

Unfortunately, there is a decline in the number of people visiting their doctor once a year in the US. Only 20 percent of American adults Doctor-And-Nurseshave visited the doctor within the last year. Getting an annual physical exam is important for everyone, even those who are relatively healthy. Here are some of the benefits of visiting the primary care physicians at Blackhawk Medical Group in Danville, CA, at least once a year for a regular physical exam:


Save Time and Money

One of the major benefits to visiting your doctor for screenings and annual preventive care is that you actually save money in the long run. Instead of waiting until you have to spend a lot of money on treatments, surgery, or hospitalizations, you can spend a little bit of time and money upfront for regular checkups and care to preserve your health.


Diagnose Problems Early On

While disease prevention is the goal for regular checkups, these checkups also allow our doctors to be able to pinpoint health problems early on when they may be reversed through simple lifestyle changes. By catching problems early on they wreak less havoc on your long-term health, and they are usually easier to treat.

For example, if our doctors determine that you are prediabetic there are simple lifestyle changes (e.g. diet; exercise; smoking cessation) that could actually reverse this and prevent prediabetes from turning into full-blown diabetes.


Gain Helpful Health Tips and Advice

From providing recommendations on how to eat healthier to what exercise regimen will work best for you, the medical team here at Blackhawk Medical Group can provide you with the proper guidance to help you lead a healthier life. We can also help you pinpoint problems and bad habits that could be affecting your health.


Time for a Physical Exam? Give Us a Call

If you don’t remember the last time you visited the doctor, then it’s time to schedule your next appointment. Prevent health problems from happening to you—let the caring medical team here at Blackhawk Medical Group in Danville, CA, provide you and your family with comprehensive and preventive medical care to lead fuller, healthier lives. Contact our main office today by dialing (925) 736-7070 and Pressing 1 to make an appointment.